Y’all Really Need To See This. Here Are Some Of The Dumbest Fashion Trends In History!

We are quite sure when you look at those old pictures in your albums you want to burn them and pretend that those times never happened. We feel you!

Charley the clothes we used to wear, the styles of the dresses, the shoooeesss OMG the shooeess!! When we see them today we ask ourselves “What are those?” Lmao!

Throughout history, people have done things and made things trend that when we see them today we shake our heads in disappointment. Check out some of the dumbest things that were in vogue back in the day.

Cod pieces

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The 15th and 16th century must have been a really weird time to live in. The men wanted to really show their “packages” with codpieces. They were often made of padded cloth or embroidered fabric, though metal codpieces were also worn. They were designed to draw praise and raise a man’s profile. Even the name was knowingly bawdy – “cod” was slang for scrotum.


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See we aren’t talking about the ones we wear nowadays oo. Ei in the 1900s what the women used to wear were internal organ damage, broken ribs, hours to get dressed. Why hurt yourself just to get approval from society?

Lotus Shoes

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They were tiny shoes worn by Chinese girls to break and mould their feet to create the tiny feet that epitomized femininity. The foot was bound with long ribbons to prevent growth. If the toes withered and fell off, even better.

Hobble Skirts

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You weren’t going to go far in these skirts. They were tight around the legs that women literally had to hobble around. The long, close-fitting skirts forced women who wore them to adopt mincing, tiny steps.

Breast Flatteners

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Yo! Why would you want to flatten your breasts?? Well in the 1920s, women didn’t want to show their curvy nature and so they flattened their breasts and wore clothes which didn’t show the curves to give them a boyish structure. Sigh!

We really hope that in 2050 or something we won’t regret wearing all these neon clothes!

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