These Hacks Do Not Work! Don’t Waste Your Energies Please!

We get it. DIYs have become the order of the day. Using one thing to fix another is actually really fun and insightful but sometimes, these hacks can actually even hurt you. Check out these 5 hacks that you shouldn’t try at all.

Wooden spoons don’t stop pots of water from boiling over.

3. Wooden spoons don't stop pots of water from boiling over.

They said putting the wooden spoon over the boiling water will prevent the water from spilling over. There isn’t anything even scientific about this. It doesn’t work abeg!

Nail and Wine Bottle Hack

4. Nails won't help you get the cork out of a wine bottle.

The hack is that in order to pull a tightly plugged cork out of a bottle, jam a nail into it and pull it out, taking the cork with it. The gag is this only works when there are multiple nails jammed into the cork. Isn’t this so much work for you? How hard is it going to a nearby shop to get a wine opener?

Ketchup bottles to store pancake batter

6. Ketchup bottles are not good dispensers for pancake batter.

People claim empty ketchup bottles make excellent batter holders and dispensers. First of all, getting the batter into the bottle is really messy before squeezing them out to fry. The opening of the bottle is tiny hence the stream of batter that will come out will be tiny as well. Won’t you get frustrated standing there and squeezing? Sigh. Oh! And they’ll have the taste of ketchup as well.

Tennis balls can’t open locked car doors.

10. Tennis balls can't open locked car doors.

People claimed that if your car door is locked, just squeeze a tennis ball against the lock to send a column of air into it, moving the pins and unlocking the door. The truth of the matter is that there is no science behind this and it won’t work.

Peeing on a jellyfish sting won’t reduce the pain

Image result for peeing on jellyfish sting reduce the pain

Apparently peeing on a friend’s (or your own) jellyfish sting can relieve the pain caused by the venom. This is a lie from the pit of hell. Rather than relief, urine can actually aggravate the jellyfish’s stingers into releasing more venom. Just go to the hospital!

Please, for your own sanity, do not try these at all.

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