These Are 11 Types Of People We Found On Instagram! Which One Do You Think You Are?

Instagram is one of our favourite places to be and we’ve noticed something!

We’ve noticed that there are different types of people on the app!!

The spammer

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These ones never post one picture at a time. It’s always about 3 or 4 of their face in different angles after every minute!!!

The hashtag president

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They always have a million hashtags of everything under their posts! Their hashtags are even longer than their captions and #every #single #thing #is #hashtagged!!!!

The ghosts

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They post once every few years and any time you see their picture, you shock cos… they still exist?

The essay typist

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They always have a novel as a caption. It’s never straight to the point! There’s always a story!

The food bloggers

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They aren’t really bloggers but they need to let everyone see what they are having for breakfast, lunch or supper…with filters!

The model

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All their pictures are professionally taken photos! They rarely post selfies

The phone photographers

Image result for phone photography gif

Some are good, some are also just alo photographers taking pictures of the sky with their phones and posting with ‘Shot On iPhone 4s’ 

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The Gong Gong beater!

Image result for instagram DM notify

They post every day and they DM you their post all the time so you don’t miss out on their posts

The ad rep

Image result for let's get this shmoney gif

They are always hyping something. It’s rare to see their faces on their feed! 

The rebranders

Image result for delete gif

For some reason, they like to delete their pictures after every couple of months. Today they’ve got 10 posts…tomorrow, just one!

The ghost likers

Image result for like like like Instagram gif

They still haven’t posted their own pics but they’re always liking yours and they like every single one of them!!

Which one are you?

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