Stay Clear! Here Are The Dangers Of Masturbation!

Many Ghanaians, especially the youth, masturbate a lot, others do it occasionally but it is a fact that masturbation is increasing fast in Ghana and everywhere maybe because a lot of people are living a single life.

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There are two types, infant and adult masturbation. Almost everyone goes through masturbation. Children have the curiosity to explore parts of their body. Since nerve endings of our genitals are sensitive, a child experiences pleasant genital sensations or good feelings when touched. It is less intense than orgasm but seen as a form of orgasm.

Child masturbation is, therefore, normal for children and must be accepted. Self-respect is nurtured as a child accepts his body and sexual feelings. It is the first step to the capacity for adult sexual enjoyment.

Adolescents also becoming aware of their sexuality may also accidentally fall into masturbation.

Sexual interest among children usually declines from six-10 years. If after childhood an adult masturbates, then there could be a psychosexual disorder triggered by the feeling of guilt, being unloved or physical, sexual and emotional abuse during childhood.

Why some people masturbate…To them:

Masturbation is a healthy and natural method of sexual release.

It reduces tension or stress.

It is simple, cheap and does not require agreement with another person.

You can’t contract any sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS and there is no risk of pregnancy.

Some people masturbate because they have high sexual drive while their partners have a low sexual drive.

Some masturbate when their lovers are unavailable, sick, pregnant, disabled or lactating.

Some use masturbation to learn their sexual response and explore their sexuality.

Women who can bring themselves to orgasm by masturbation are more likely to have an orgasm with their partners.

Men who masturbate for 10-15 minutes without ejaculation are less likely to have premature ejaculation.

It does not make you a homosexual.

The danger

Nobody hates his body but cares for it. Masturbation is an abuse of the body. It is lustful and idolatrous.

If it is used to avoid marital sex it becomes selfish. Masturbation is, therefore, a sin.

You may become addicted to masturbation and carry it into marriage. Some can’t enjoy sex with their partners without first masturbating.

Some lose self-control, commitment and interest in marital sex.

This makes your partner feel unhappy and inadequate.

You can’t have a fulfilling marriage because you are more likely to fall into other sexual sins.

People who masturbate have guilt which predisposes them to emotional, mental and social disorders.

You must also appreciate that the word ‘virgin’ is derived from the word which means someone who is completely innocent about sex.

If you masturbate you lose your virginity.

You pervert your body when you use it for an immoral purpose.

You can’t separate values and roles.

The temporary relief you can get in masturbation can’t compare with the deep and total emotional satisfaction you could lose for a lifetime.

A temporary solution could be a lifetime problem.

Appreciate that nature has its own way of releasing stress.

Men discharge seminal fluid in wet dreams.

Menstrual flow in women expels eggs and cleanses the womb.

On your part, vigorous exercise is the best way to release physical and emotional tension.

Make every effort to stop masturbation because it could kill your relationship and future marriage.

Just as you start thinking about it and want to do it, turn to other interesting activities.

Dance or talk to someone.

Watch a film.

You may also take a walk, read and above all pray.

Like drug addiction, withdrawal is painful in the initial stages but if you can hold on for a couple of weeks, you can get out of it.

Nothing will happen to you except what you put on your mind.

Seek counselling if necessary.

Any genital love must be an act of expressing love for another and be open to creating life.

Masturbation fails on both scores.


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