Ladies! Try These 14 Cute Nicknames You Can Call Your Friend/Bae If He Has A Beard!

Ladies! We all love a guy with a lot of beard right?

There’s something about it that makes you want to fall in love!

Here are some nicknames you can call your S/O or friend who’s got a lot of beard!

Rick Ross

especially if he’s got a lot of money too!!

Image result for rick ross beard gif

Beard Man

because he’s superman but with a beard!

Image result for superman with a beard


because his beard traps all your juices

Image result for naughty side glance gif

Love curls

cos you can’t get any cuter than this!!!

Image result for lady stroking guy beard gif

Black Santa

because Dzaddy always has something sweet for you!

Image result for hey zaddy gif


because he’s sexy!!!!

Image result for rawr sexy gif

Man Mop

Just to tease him!

Image result for cute smile gif

Osama Bin Laden

ermm don’t

Image result for disappear gif

Tickle monster

cos it makes you giggle anytime he comes close!!

Image result for giggle gif

Hairy baby

cos he’s still your baby!

Image result for my baby gif


because his kinky pretty hair is so soft!

Image result for cute bearded guy wink gif


everyone loves Dumbledore!

Image result for dumbledore gif


annoy him dears but be cute!

Image result for hey baby gif

Food trapper

because the beard traps most of his food 

Image result for laugh gif

Try any of them and let us know what his reaction was!

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