All You Need To Know About UG As A Fresher

Before we proceed to the business of the day, you need to be really proud of yourself for making it to Uni.

A lot of  people will wish they were in your shoes, so if you are here dier…

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Now before you are all bundled up and sent into a huge hall to have an orientation, we would want you to have an unofficial orientation of your campus with us so that… *whispers* you can comfortably skip the main one because forget what anyone will say,

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We went ahead and put together like a summary of all the things you are likely to hear from the “OGs”.

We hope you find it useful!


The University of Ghana is the premier university and the largest university in Ghana was founded as the University College of the Gold Coast by Ordinance on August 11, 1948 for the purpose of providing and promoting university education, learning and research.


Integri Procedamus

Vice Chancellor

Ebenezer Oduro Owusu


Main Campus– Legon

City Campus– can be found in the Central Buisiness district of Accra, adjacent to the Ghana National Museum and Monuments Board.

Korle Bu Campus – located at the premise of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital

Funding : Public


Colleges Of Basic And Applied Sciences

Regular (2,260.00 – 3,056.00)

Fee Paying (5,525.00 – 7,637.00)

Sandwich Diploma (1,600.00 – 2000.00)

College Of Education

Regular (1,627.00 – 2,313.00)

Fee Paying (4,091.00 – 5,578.00)

College Of Health Sciences

Regular (2,188.00 – 3,481.00)

Fee Paying (6,883.00 – 8,513.00)

College Humanities

Regular (1,627.00 – 4,988.00 )

Fee Paying (3,463.00 – 5,041.00)


The University has a current student population of about forty thousand (40,000) students.

Post-Graduate students – 4,820

Bachelors’ Degree – 32,059

Sub-Degrees – 859

International students – 829

Admitted Students (2015/2016) – 17,996

Graduate Output (2014/2015) – 7,722



The University adopted the collegiate system and thus, categorized all departments under Four major colleges;

  • College of Health Sciences
  • College of Basic and Applied Sciences
  • College of Humanities
  • College of Education

With about 26 Institutes and centres (These are mainly for research and learning purposes):

And over 120 Departments within the colleges:



The University has twelve halls of residence:

The traditional Halls include;

Legon Hall (mixed)

Mensah Sarbah Hall (mixed)

Volta Hall (female only)

Akuafo Hall (mixed)

Commonwealth Hall (male)

 ‘Diaspora’ Halls

Alexander Kwapong Hall

Hilla Limann Hall

Elizabeth Sey Hall

Jean Aka Nelson Hall

Other Halls/Hostel

Evandy Hall

Bani Hall

James Topp Nelson Yankah Hall (TF)

Pentagon Hostels

International Students Hostels ( ISH 1 & 2)

Jubilee Hall

Residential Fees

Traditional Halls range : GH 900 – 1000

Diaspora Halls : GH 1,500 – 2000

International Students Hostels (ISH) :  GH 1,500 – 2000

Pentagon Hostels: GH 2,400 – GH 8000 (depending on the number of people in a room.)

Evandy: 1,800 – 2000

James Topp Nelson Yankah Hall (TF) : 2,300 – 3000


Why UG?

Sosoo Eugenia Mawuena

Level 300

BA Archaeology and Political Science

“I chose UG because it’s close to home”


Addy Kelly

Level 400

BA Political Science and Information Studies

“I chose UG because it is the premier university in Ghana and the lectures are actually really good”



Level 400

BA Information Studies

“My sister completed this school and I always found it fascinating anytime I visited her”


Amli Irene

Level 400

Family and Consumer Science

“It’s the premier university and the only school that does my course”


Favorite Place On Campus?

Johannes Anaman

Level 300

Economics and Linguistics

“UGCS because I can go there anytime to use the computers to work on my assignments”


Kelly Mandoh

Level 300

Political Science

Sarbah Field because I go there often to pray.


What Needs Improvement?

Ishmael Quaye

Level 400

BA Political Science and Information studies

“There should be proper stream of information and addressing grievances”


Appiah Maureen

Level 400

BA Spanish and Political Science

“There should be better facilities in the lecture halls


Favourite Lecturers

Stephanie Amegashie

Level 300

Geography and Sociology

“Mr Teye (Geography department) and Doctor Kpor (Sociology Department)


Ankrah Nathan

Level 300

Mr Li Liang (Department of Modern Languages)



Level 400

Political Science

Dr Gyampo (political science department) and Dr Frimpong (English Department)


Favorite Place to get food

Kelvin Twumasi

Level 400

BA History and Information Studies

“Bush Canteen”


Yvonne Ahiable

Level 400

BA Political Science

“Meluvs restaurant at Evandy!! Their jollof!!!”


Alfred Ababio Kumi

Level 400

BA Information Studies

“Bevels restaurant at Kwapong”


Agbedanu Augusta

Level 400

“Bush Canteen”


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