You Will Certainly Clap For Twitter After Checking Out These Tweets From Last Week!

It’s another new week and we have these tweets that will make you go…

Image result for laugh gif



1. Bend down boutique people can relate!


2. Ghana really make hard!


3. Herh! Boys really get vibes…


4. Yo! This is too funny 😂😂😂😂😂! Money Heist people can relate.


5. Buhari dun suffer!!


6. This tweet is just accurate!


7. Our football fans can relate 😂


8. If you know you know 😂


9. Over to you in-laws!


10. Darryl just killed us!

11. Ghana MP’s won’t be happy…


12. This AD is the best!


13. If you dey chew for your class inside dier then yawa.


14. 💀💀😂


15. Girlfriends be like…


16.  So you really don’t have both???


17. Naira Marley is a Virgin!


18. Creativity at its best!


See you guys next week! 🤗🤗

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