UG: Hey Fresher! Here’s How To Access The UG Wi-Fi!!

So you’re a UG student now. Kinda feels refreshing doesn’t it? Well, it gets better! As a UG student, you get to use free Wi-Fi.

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Certain spots in the school tend to have a stronger connection than others, but all the same, you can stay connected, and here is how:

  1. Switch on your Wi-Fi mode on your Phone
  2. Under the Wi-Fi networks, select Student

  1. For identity, type your Student ID
  2. You can ignore the anonymous identity
  3. For the password, type your PIN (these are provided on your admission letter.)

Wait to be connected and browse away!

Here are a few of the spots on campus which undoubtedly have the fastest Wi-Fi connections… and in no particular order…

  1. UGCS
  2. The Law School Library
  3. Balme Library
  4. Math Department
  5. UGBS
  6. Nursing School
  7. Reading Rooms
  8. 24 Hours Library

If you find yourself in any of these places, then jackpot! You can enjoy WIFI!!

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