UG: Here’s What You Need To Know About The UGRCs

So you are a fresher and as usual, everything looks upside down. You don’t even know the courses to register for and everything? Kuulpeeps to the rescue!

There are required courses every student on campus is supposed to take if they want to progress to other levels on the ladder. 

Let’s dive right into what you need to know about the University of Ghana Required Courses in your freshman year. 

ACADEMIC WRITING – The commonest UGRC on campus. This one ebi advanced English. If you don’t know you don’t know lol. You need to know how to write in the University community, and this course is there to aid you in that. 

CRITICAL THINKING – This course is designed to make students decipher logically between motives and arguments. It aids students in knowing the difference between inductive and deductive arguments. 

NUMERACY SKILLS – This course is for students to acquire skills for solving real-life mathematical problems. 

UNDERSTANDING HUMAN SOCIETIES – This course is for students pursuing science at the undergrad level. The aim is to introduce students to an array of issues that shape human societies. 

Hey, you also need a very fast connection to log in and register for your UGRC’s, lest all convenient groups will become full. 

NB – There are other courses for special students. This is the general one for most students on campus. Your Department will give you more info on the special courses.

So peeps, there you have it! Know before you settle. Makes things easier! 

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