UG: Ever Heard Of Narrowing? This Is What It Really Entails!!

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Most of you have probably never heard of narrowing but yeah, it’s a thing.

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You’ll see a lot of it while living on campus and you’ve really got to know how to act.  It’s one of the perks of being in a hall or hostel in the university. You might even experience it after university in case you find yourself sharing a room with someone. 

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Boys are the ones who experience narrowing most of the time cause most of the ‘business’ goes down in male rooms. And by business, we mean doing the DO.

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So narrowing is basically about giving your roommate privacy when he or she gets a visitor of the opposite sex. Like you know paa that this is my roommate’s girlfriend or boyfriend and that there are certain things they can’t do if you’re around so you just excuse them for a few minutes and make sure you knock when you’re coming back to the room cause you never know what you might walk into. 

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Some people will ask for privacy before the visitor comes and others will give you a hint but even if they don’t ask you have to be a cool roommate and exit just for the culture.

You can fake going to see a friend or going to get something at the store. What’s important is you’ve gotta leave for the magic to happen.

Things like these help build roommate relationship.

You can also ask for privacy when you need it. It doesn’t always have to be you leaving. Enjoy yourself and stay safe. 

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