They Aren’t Just For Brushing Teeth! These 6 Toothpaste Hacks Are A Must Know For Easy Living!

Day in day out, the internet teaches us new things and opens our eyes to totally new ways of doing stuff.

We all know what toothpaste is used for but per our research, it can be used for more than just brushing our teeth. Keep reading to find out more about these amazing hacks you can use toothpaste for.

For a cleaner phone screen

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Our screens get oily especially when we put them on our ears when making or receiving calls. They also get dirty pretty quickly too. Easy hack? Toothpaste. Just dab a tiny bit of toothpaste on it, spray the screen lightly with water and wipe down thoroughly with a cloth. Your screen will look shiny and new in no time.

Clean your iron

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You know how sometimes there are materials stuck under your iron which makes it causes burning of clothes? Yah! Toothpaste can help clear all the gunk from that side of town. Just apply a little to the hot metal part of the iron. As the gunk loosens, wipe it away with a clean damp cloth.

Shining stainless steel

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Kitchen sinks, some cutlery and cookware are made of stainless steel. Just squeeze a bit of toothpaste onto a damp sponge and rub it over the surface. Rinse clean with water, and stand back to admire the shine!

Thread a needle

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Sometimes it’s so hard to get the thread into the needle because of the stray threads at the end. It get’s really frustrating but toothpaste is here to help. Just get a little between your fingers and rub the end of the thread with it. It helps stiffen the end making it easy to thread the needle.

Get rid of onion smells

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Eating onions is healthy but that stench that comes with it is something else. It stays on your hands even after washing them with soap. All you need to do is to apply toothpaste on your palm as you would normal soap and wash it under running water. Tada! The scent is gone leaving a minty smell.

Removes permanent marker

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Mistakenly wrote on a whiteboard with permanent marker? When toothpaste meets permanent marker it doesn’t really become permanent anymore. Because most brands of toothpaste contain very, very mild abrasives, they can help remove permanent marker from most surfaces. Just place a dab of toothpaste on the area and gently scrub the permanent marker away with a toothbrush or rag.

Which ones are you going to try as soon as possible? Kindly give us feedback afterwards.

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