The Jollof Festival Is This Weekend! Meet The Creators And Find Out Why They Started This Iconic Food’s Festival


Food lovers gather round for something yummy!

It’s called the jollof festival and trust us you don’t want to miss it.

The Jollof Festival is on the 31ST OF August at Memory Lane Park and the best part of it is, entry is freeeeee!!!

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Yhup, there’s no ticket wahala and it starts at 11 am on the dot!!

You know how Kuulpeeps is always down for you, so we had an interview with the organizers to have an insight into what the jollof festival is all ABOUT.

Kuulpeeps: So, who are the organizers of the Jollof Festival?

TFEC: The event is organized by TFEC, the food company event, which is co-owned by me, Raphel Beinamwin and Mukase Chic

Kuulpeeps: Mukase Chic …the food blogger Mukase Chic.

TFEC: lol…yh the food blogger mukasichic..and she is a caterer too

Kuulpeeps: cool, cool. So how long has TFEC been in existence?

TFEC: Since 2016

Kuulpeeps: And what made you start the Jollof Festival?

TFEC: Well, jollof is a well-known West African food with all the jollof wars and such. We only seek to highlight the food and its cultural relevance, as well as showcase its various variations to the world through the event.

Kuulpeeps: That’s nice.. so why Jollof festival. Not waakye or even Banku festival

TFEC: The thing is, we organize various food events with our main purpose being to celebrate authentic African food, through events as well as fine dining events and other fusion tastings. Jollof for us was an opportunity to showcase our abilities, but there will definitely be other extensions with other events. Last year December we held the Fast Food Event, which is a first in Accra and this December we will be bringing to ACCRA another authentic food event.

Kuulpeeps: When did you first have this idea?

TFEC: The idea was had in 2016 and the first event was in 2017 as jollof market. We just upped it again in 2018 to a festival to ensure we had more patrons.

Kuulpeeps: And how was the response the first time you held it?

TFEC: The first one had an amazing response as more people could relate and also liked the idea of an event of their favourite food. It was really good and had a lot of people giving amazing feedback to the team after.

Kuulpeeps: That’s really great, did you face any changes when you first started?

TFEC: Yes there was. We had a small support team and at times, the team members were very much stretched in getting things done but one good thing was the belief in the project which ensured all team members brought their A-game. Also, budget-wise, as a first event, there was a lot of difficulty sourcing funds, however, the team was able to pull through and ensure a successful event.

Kuulpeeps: What should we expect this year?

TFEC: A lot of excitement, fun, music, vibes and plenty of jollof….This year we are looking to up the ante and go more traditional with a brass band all the way from Takoradi, a masquerade group and music from some of the best DJ’s in Ghana. Also, there is some merchandise made for the festival…sweatshirts, tank tops, crop tops among others. There is something for everyone.

Kuulpeeps: We are already hyped-up…So TFEC, is there anything you want to add or tell us

TFFEC: oh yeah..this event is an authentic celebration of jollof and its beauty lies in the bonds it seeks to create between consumers, vendors and organizations. It’s an event that also has at its heart a social cause. Last year there was a donation drive and we are looking to do the same this year. So you can say its only about fun and merry-making but also seeks to give back to the less privileged in society and also a chance to be recognized.

Kuulpeeps: We certainly can’t wait…So peeps you’ve read and seen what the jollof festival is about..come and have fun on the 31st of August ..don’t say we didn’t tell you.

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