Don’t Expect A Second Date If You Do The Following Things

Before I launch into the things that you shouldn’t do on your first date, let me get some things out of the way. What is a date according to the average Ghanaian? I asked my friends and what I garnered from the heap of opinions was that for most people, a (first) date is anything you do together as long as you go out to do it. I’m not here to argue technicalities, so operating with that definition, here’s what these girls don’t want you to do on a first date if you’re looking to have a second.

Don’t intentionally show up late 

Don’t show up late, period. It’s plain rude to agree to go out with someone and keep them waiting for a while. What is your date happens to be the one unicorn of a girl who’s always on time? Always be there at least 15 minutes before your date gets there.

Don’t expect that she pay

I know that Ghana is gradually opening up to progressiveness and gender equality lately but take it from me, a first date is not the place to enforce your beliefs. If you asked her out, it’s good manners that you foot the bill. If she wants to pay half, let her, but ideally, the gentleman should pay.

Don’t bring up your ex or talk extensively about your past relationships

This gives off the impression that you’ve got a lot of baggage and unresolved issues from your past relationships and it might disappoint you to know, but not many girls are looking to deal with that. Especially not on a first date. It might send them running in the opposite direction.

Don’t talk about a second date 

You’re barely through the first one and there you are talking about the second. Concentrate your efforts on the now. If she had enough fun,  there’ll be a second.

Don’t do too much

So you want to impress your date and so you go and buy out all the tables in the restaurant and make a trail from the door to your table with pink rose petals. The reason one friend of mine had a problem with something similar that happened to her was that deep down she knew she hadn’t done anything yet to deserve this and so it made the guy come across as too eager to impress. Big turnoff. Save the huge, elaborate gestures for when she has proven her worth to you.

Don’t underinvest

In your bid to not do too much, don’t hold back and do too little either. A first date should be one you’d both want to remember, so try as much as possible to not fall back on the usual movie and lunch/dinner date. Everyone does that now. So instead, talk to her and find out the things she’s interested in (a bonus if you share this interest, but don’t fake it) or something you want to show or teach her and plan your date around that.

Don’t ask for sex

Don’t think about asking, either.

Don’t pick your nose

Now guys. Come on. I didn’t think that anything like this would have even come up in this, but you people dey do pass. Needless to say, this is an aggressive deal-breaker. Don’t go burying your fingers up your nostrils in public especially in front of someone you’re trying to impress. Don’t be a bush boy.


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