How To Slay Like A Boss Chick On A Budget This Semester

What is your slay plan this semester ladies???

We’ve got some ideas for you and no it doesn’t involve going all the way to Kant super early in the morning.

How’s your denim game? Pretty weak huh? Don’t just stick to your usual denim pants (Jeans trousers lol) get yourself a cute denim dress for lectures too or shorts to go visit that boy in Pent!!!!


It’s still off shoulder season!! You can casually wear an off-shoulder dress to class when you’re super late and just need to throw something on quickly!!! Pair it with some heels and jewellery and voila!! You’ve got a great outfit for Joint Service!!!!

The tops tho!!! There are so many different types of tops to pair with your pants, shorts or skirts!!!


Ladies in clothes

Not sure what to wear for that birthday dinner or the Dinner parties that are going to start really soon for final year students?

Lady in off shoulder dress Lady in off shoulder dress Lady in black dress

Remember what we said about slaying on a budget? Yhup if you’re a student on Legon campus, you’ve got no problem!! Nhiraz Closet, located behind Elizabeth Sey hall has all these and more at ridiculously low prices!

Seriously, with as low as (insert your laaaaaast laaaaast coin here), you can walk away with a couple of cute clothes!

Think we are exaggerating? Check out their IG:


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