Here Are Some Misconceptions About Bearded Guys


Healthy Beard growing has become part and parcel of the society. Growing beard is now a way of life for the youth in recent times. People have several reasons for growing beard. While some grow for the love of it, others do it for fashion sense. Beard growing over the decades however has been tainted with a lot of misconceptions. Some of which are even absurd.


People with beard are criminals.

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It is believed that beard goes with crime and that people who grow beards are hardened criminals who operate large criminal organizations.


People with beards are dirty/ unclean.

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Another thing that people see when they come across someone with a beard is the thoughts of him not being hygienic. People perceive them as dirty, people who don’t like taking showers and probably smelly as well. They also envision them as lazy and lack personal hygiene.


People with beard are drug addicts.

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Another misconception about men with beard is the thought of them being drug addicts. People believe men who keep beards are druggies. They think they spend their money on drugs at the expense of the hairs on their cheeks.



People with beards are wicked.


People with beards are once again judge wrongfully as they being referred to as abominable. Because of the beard they’re seen as agents of Satan. They are tagged also as being insensitive to the feeling and emotions of other individuals.



All bearded men are terrorists

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Again individuals with beards are regard as terrorists.



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