Meet Cindy Ayim, A Medical Student Who Moonlights As An Artist

Not everyone can combine two amazing professions and be so good at both. But 21-year-old Cindy Ayim is steadily working to achieve that feat.

Cindy is a 5th-year medical student of the University of Ghana Medical school who loves art. Apparently, she has been involved in art since infancy.

“I’ve been involved in art since I can remember. My dad framed a painting of mine when I was about 3 years old so I guess I started around then. I’ve generally always done something art-related. Initially, I did pencil drawings. Over time I got involved in charcoal work, digital art and then painting about 4 years ago,” Cindy told in an interview

Cindy’s paintings are inspired pretty much by anything. Mostly, she is inspired by what she sees; a line in a poem or novel and also by what someone says. For her as an artist, anything and everything can spark an idea.

However, one thing that keeps her involved in art is the process that art comes with. She is intrigued by being able to create.

“There are so many fascinating aspects of art. With a pencil portrait, for example, you’re more concerned with precision, proportions and getting everything right- it teaches you to pay attention a little more. With an imaginative painting, you are essentially learning to simply create and trust that your ideas will turn out great.”

For someone who loved art since childhood, it would have been perfect for Cindy to study Visual Arts at senior high school but, she chose to study General Science instead because she liked science a lot and in her mind, art was always going to be there. “I could always go back to it [art] even if I pursued science and so I did. I felt doing it the other way round would have been much more difficult.”

So yeah, she didn’t study art at school, neither did she have an art teacher to teach her at home. So how did she become this good at art? Cindy learnt how to do all these amazing paintings and drawings by herself. So how did she do it?…

“So for me, it’s mostly a trial and error thing. You mess up and then learn something new to use for the next painting,” she said.

“I also read a lot about art though. So I apply some of the things I learn from that as well.”

some of Cindy’s fashion illustrations

Like any budding artist, Cindy is also inspired by some great artists. She is a big fan and loves the works of renowned Ghanaian artist, Ablade Glover. She is also inspired by the paintings of Cecily Brown.

Cindy doesn’t only paint for the fun of it, she also gets paid for her paintings. But according to her, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with school and painting for people at the same time.

“Medical school is really tough and demanding and by principle, I always make it my priority. Art is secondary. If I have to paint something for a client, I do it whenever I’m free, in place of any other hobby I’d have used to relax. Last year during a part of the semester, I’d wake up really early to paint before class every day. That worked for a while; I enjoyed it but it got tedious.”

And yeah, making some income from what you love is great but Cindy has turned down a lot of jobs which she knew she couldn’t have time for.

“I feel if I take up a painting job, I should do it properly. I wouldn’t want to rush through it. So there have been times when I realized I couldn’t fit a particular job into my schedule and so I turned it down. If a deadline won’t be so convenient for me, I don’t take it up.”

So in place of painting all the time, Cindy started doing another amazing thing which is still art-related and is relatively less demanding compared to painting. She began writing reviews about her paintings and the paintings of other artists.

“So almost every week, I write about a painting. I realised people sometimes look at paintings and are not sure what they are looking at. My art reviews help with that. I discuss the painting, the artist or sometimes interesting concepts related to the said painting.”

Cindy is hoping to have her paintings displayed at well-known art exhibitions this year and most importantly, she is working on having her own art exhibition which will come up later this year as well.

In the near future, Cindy hopes to pursue both paths [being a medical doctor and an artist] further. “I’m curious about where and how both will merge. I’m certain about more paintings, more exhibitions and hoping that my art will positively influence who I will be as a medical doctor.”

Visit Cindy’s website, to read about her wonderful art reviews. And yeah, do well to follow her on Instagram (artby_cindy) and Facebook (Art by Cindy) to view more of her amazing artworks.

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