How Strong Is Your Emoji Game? 18 Emojis And What We Really Mean When We Use Them

In this modern day and age where almost every conversation is done via text, with the creation of emojis, we find ourselves having full conversations with the use of one simple image. Each emoji, clearly has specific meanings but someway somehow everyone’s using some of these emojis but with entirely different meanings attached.

Fist bump

Image result for fist bump émoji

Lol anyone who sends you this really just means “I just smashed your face in. Take this punch [email protected]#$%*!!!”

Kissing face emoji 

Image result for kissing face émoji

No one is really kissing anyone with this particular emoji. Some of you know it’s the perfect image for “mtsewwww”.

Okay and Finger pointing to the right

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We just turned the emoji for ‘okay’ and the emoji finger pointing to the right into “Charley I dey want eat”. smh.

High 5

Image result for dark High 5 émoji

we all know we always only mean amen and that’s it.

Talking Head Silhouette 

Image result for Talking Head Silhouette émoji

You ’re making an announcement and want everyone on the platform to know you’re shouting, this is the emoji we use.

Painting Nails (beauty)

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This emoji is straightforward. Nails being painted… but ladies! Y’all know we are using this to let the whole world know we are feeling ourselves. If the crown emoji is added, then it’s over for Y’all


Related image

How did this become the universal symbol for ass?


Image result for eggplant émoji

You know you’re not using the Eggplant emoji for an emoji salad. Whoever started using it to mean d*ck…God is watching.

Tired Face 

Image result for Tired Face émoji

When you want to wail, bawl your eyes out or show your frustration, this is the emoji you use. Even though it actually depicts a tired face, hey let’s forget the crying face emoji and use this instead.

See No Evil Monkey 

Image result for see no evil émoji

“Omg I’m so shy but not really cos I’m flirting and I want you to think I’m adorable”  Tell me I’m lying!

love you 

Image result for i love you émoji

You didn’t know right? This really is supposed to mean I love you but let’s be serious. No ones using it cos… Illuminati!

Speak No Evil Monkey

Image result for speak no evil émoji

“Oops I just used a dirty word and it’s normal but I don’t know how you feel about words like that so erm oops. Reply in kind if you can tho hehe just kidding”

Tongue Out

Related image

Surprisingly, this also found it’s way into the sexting world. If someone sends that to you plus the splash emoji, it probably just means “Obaa ma me mbor wo lickings wai hehee” *insert speak no evil monkey here*


Image result for emoji for weedImage result for leaf émoji

You drug addicts ain’t slick, using the herb and leaf emoji to hide what you really mean.

Dash/ Wind

Related image

Anytime anyone uses this emoji, they just mean ‘fart’ or some serious smoke session.

New Moon Face (moon in the shadow of the Earth)

Image result for black moon face emoji

No one is really sure what this means but some use it after throwing shade. Some also just use it to anytime they make sexual innuendos.


Related image

Everyone uses this emoji in every dirty conversation they have. It usually complements the tongue and eggplant emoji.


Image result for drool emoji

The drool emoji is just well, a drool emoji. If your crush sends you this, then it means ‘wo y3 sexy whaaaat?!!!‘ In fact, if you send your selfies to your crush and the person doesn’t send this emoji, is that one too a crush?

What’s your favourite emoji? and what do you really mean when you use it? Oh and a quick question…why do most of them have sexual meanings now? Yáll just a bunch of dirty naughty kids.

Image result for i am disgusted gif


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