Here Are Some Things You Should Know If You Own A Vagina

You’ve heard this before. But just for those who haven’t, vaginas are sensitive things that should be treated with care. It should be loved. Coddle it. Pet it. Spoil it. Pander to it. Make it feel pampered. Now, don’t go crazy taking over 3 baths a day to that effect. That’s not what I meant. There’s a natural order of the vagina. There’s a whole kingdom of flora that vaginas play host to and these bacteria coexist to make it what it is. Admittedly, it doesn’t take much to throw off the natural balance of your lady parts, so here are a few tips to keep you miles ahead of disaster.


The Scent
Vaginas are not supposed to smell fruity. Or soapy. Or like a pretty garden. They are vaginas. And supposed to smell like vagina–musky. So don’t go buying into the dreams that salesmen try to sell you. No woman on earth has her vagina smelling like perfume. Throw that perception out the window. However here are a couple of real smells that you should be familiar with.
•If you took your underwear off & the bathroom smelt like a fish market, you should get checked. Go and see your gynecologist. It could be the sign of infection. This could be because of an overgrowth of bacteria that upsets the vagina’s chemical balance. Green or yellow discharge accompanied by the fishy smell could be signs of an STD. So get checked if you think anything’s off. Sooner than later.
•If your vagina smells a bit of chlorine after sex, fear not. It’s actually quite normal. Lubricants you may have used during sex or the lubricants on the condom cause this. You’re fine.
•There’s a natural occurrence of yeast in the vagina, so if you notice a bread-like smell(yes you read right), a thick, clumpy creamy/yellow discharge that’s like cottage cheese, extreme itching and pain when you pee, that’s because of an overgrowth of fungus candida.


Yeast infections are actually really common and are caused by imbalance triggered by antibiotics you may be taking, diabetes or high oestrogen levels.


Shaving can be a lot of fun or can be war, depending on whether you’re doing it right. So here’s how you do it right.
•If you’ve allowed yourself to go caveman and now have a full, thriving bush down there, don’t start straight off with a shaving stick. Get a small pair of scissors, grab a tuft of hair(pulling it away from your skin) and snip away.
•Lather up the area to soften the hairs, stretch your skin tight & shave slowly & gently. Along the grain or against, it’s solely your choice. Shaving against the grain gives you closer, smoother shave while shaving along the grain prevents ingrown hairs and irritations & is advised if you’ve got extra sensitive skin.
•Dermatologists advise that you exfoliate after each shave to remove any dead skin lying around after your shave. So after washing all the hair off with your regular bathing soap, rub a brown sugar scrub or baking soda paste to smoothen out your work. Don’t get too excited with it though; as a precautionary measure, keep it away from your insides. It might mess up the natural pH of the vagina.
•Moisturize. Shea butter, Baby Oil, whatever you choose. As long as it’s not strongly scented. And if you plan to have sex soon after, pick another moisturiser. Baby Oil degenerates the latex in condoms.


The Taste


Your lady bit will taste different depending on what you eat & drink. While vegetables like asparagus, onions and garlic will give you an unpleasant taste, incorporating tropical fruits like mangoes, pineapple and if you’re feeling brave, grapefruit will inject a world of sweetness into your vagina. Your significant other will have a good time next time he goes down south. I promise!


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