He Is A Manwhore If…

He’s probably a hoe(manwhore) if…

  • He listens to PartyNextDoor and Drake.
  • He is a photographer. All photographers are hoes. Period.
  • He wears this and smokes that.


  • He purposely slits his eyebrows. Hommie’s been slitting hearts. Accidentally sef, according to Freud, he has hoe tendencies. He’s a hoe.
  • He wears studs. Man got that stud in his ear, Definitely a hoe. Both ears? Hoe hoe.
  • He always wears sweatpants, baseball caps, grows out his beard and squints in pictures; aint nobody trying to “see where this relationship is going”hoe cap
  • He licks his lips at least 3 times per sentence irrespective of the season
  • His room bulbs are covered with red cups. Hoe.hoe cup
  • The topic sentence of every text convo is “lol wyd”.
  • His phone screen is cracked but still works somehow. Sign of a savage but working heart
  • He approaches females or males (S/O to the gay hoes) while sober and in broad daylight.
  • He identifies with any of these symbols.hoe sign hoesign
  • He owns a ps4 or an Xbox & also if you never see his phone when you hang; game of chakra hiding on Super Saiyan level.
  • Any of his social media captions or bios have this emoji somewhere in there.hoepray
  • His name starts with a consonant.
  • He’s Ashanti or Yoruba. If he’s either one of these tribes, he’s a hoe. Both, hoe squared. Flee.
  • Oh and apparently men with wide set faces have high testosterone levels which almost always means he’s a hoe so yea there’s that.hoequag
  • He goes to Purple Pub before anywhere else on a night out.
  • He mentions at least two girls per week with this.hoeavi
  • If he has multiple red or black & gold aux chords in his car; he buys things in traffic therefore he picks anything in his reach meaning he tries to pick any female (or male) in his sight ergo – hoe.
  • He slut-shames women. Men whores almost always have double standards.
  • He goes to body basics gym.
  • He prefers ripe plantain chips to the unripe ones because unripe plantain chips according to him tend to get emotionally attached and cling too much. He wants none of that because he’s a hoe.
  • He decorates his room with empty alcohol bottles.
  • He adds b to the end of every text.
  • He and his fellow hoes get excited all over the timeline about “sundress season”.hoesun
  • Refer to number 12.
  • He’s reading this. Hoe hoe hoe.


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