Hangover Remedies For The Morning After.

‘Tis the season to be jolly and for spreading good cheer so you’ve got all the reasons you’ve ever needed to drink. For a surprising number of people I have come to know, they find their best cheer at the bottom of a whole bottle of wine, or in their fourth glass of Kokrokoo or Amen. After, the whole night is generally lit. Then comes the bad part; with the sunrise comes the hangover. Now let me be honest and tell you– in case you too have watched all 3 The Hangover movies and expect cool things to happen to you– hangovers are the most overly romanticised thing in the history of…ever! I know because I very recently had the first hangover of my young life and let me tell you this, it’s the worst feeling ever. Made even worse when you’re lying awake the next morning with a maddening headache that doesn’t seem to want to go away and a hazy recollection of what happened the night before.
I don’t think I have to describe what a hangover feels like, because it becomes evident in itself. The moment you get there, you’ll know. But luckily for you, you don’t just have to sit it out and reflect on the sequence of bad choices that led to that moment like I did. Help is here! This your hangover healing.


Ginger Tea

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This is pretty easy to make. Boil your tea and infuse some ground up ginger or ginger power into the tea. Add honey to sweeten it to your taste and you’re good to go. Ginger will fight the nausea and honey will help breakdown all the alcohol in your system faster.


Painkillers and a lot of water
Alcohol basically sucks up all of the moisture in your body leaving you dehydrated. So you’ll need your fluids back. That’s where the water comes in. Then painkillers…for the pain. Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Advil or Panadol will heal your headache and/or muscle pain in no time. But not an an empty stomach! Make sure you’ve had something to eat first.


Sports Drinks or Coconut Water

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Sports drinks replenish the electrolytes you’ve lost. Coconut water works even better because it contains more electrolytes


Bananas are one of  the most commonly known cures for hangovers. So eat it however you feel like. Blend it into a shake if you’re really feeling up to it, fry It in your pancakes or eat it just as it is. It’ll give you back the potassium you lost fast and is gentle on your stomach.


That’s it. Just…sleep. For as long as your body needs it…and hope against hope that your hangover is better when you wake up.


Sunglasses and a Bitchy Attitude

If you’ve got the post-alcohol nasties but you’ve got responsibilities so you have to be up and about the next day, pick up your darkest darks, practice your meanest mug and check that you’ve got sass for every possible stupid situation that people might come to you with, steady yourself and step out with your head high. Because let’s face it, it is in your worst times that human beings decide to touch your every nerve. Plus you might kinda sorta maybe look really horrible. So that’s what the sunglasses are actually for; hiding the monstrosity that is your face.

You’re welcome.


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