Forget These Myths And Go Natural

‘I’m a natural girl yeah- Oh na na na, na na na na” – I think MzVee’s tune also contributed to the natural hair craze. Isn’t her hair beautiful? Don’t hate. Let’s all accept that natural hair is becoming a trend and the way some people rock theirs, OMG! I love it when girls ditch the relaxed look for the natural look(no offense to my straight hair sistas) Check out these myths and make that decision you’ve been running away from for years.


To Go Natural, You Have To Do The Big Chop. By Force

This particular one is everywhere and probably the main reason why girls don’t wanna go natural. Okay, so there is some truth and lie right thuurrr. You’ll eventually have to cut the relaxed ends or patiently wait till it sheds out or break off. But if you’re impatient like me, just go for that sexy big chop – and make yourself up so you don’t look or feel like you’re back to high school. But that’s just me though! You can always transition. Check here to see various ways you can transition. Remember, women with low cuts are seen as confident and sexy af.


You Can Reverse A Perm/Relaxer

No No No. That one eh, no. I mean think about it, how can you transform a full blown hair back to its kink? It’s like turning cooked soup into tomatoes, raw meat and the other component ingredients(if you like food like me you’ll understand how impossible this is). Sad truth is, no chemical can reverse a permanent perm. Transitioning, that’s the only way.


Natural Can Be Dyed Whenever Without Breakage

Chemical treatments such as the gold dye you and I have been dying for tends to leave textured hair a bit weaker, but it’s okay to color you natural hair. I’ll just entreat you to do some research about it and be ready to take a bit more extra care of your beautiful strands.


Natural Hair Will Make Your Hair Grow Faster And Longer

Ah, so why would you even let this thought pop up? LMAO. Sister please no. Well it depends on the products you’ll use for your hair. That’ll determine how well it’ll grow. But natural hair on its own doesn’t extend 10 inches more overnight. It all has to with time and proper care.

Image: Getty Images
Image: Getty Images

You Have To Have A Certain Face To Do The Big Chop

The big chop makes a lot of people nervous. My first big chop did same. But when I realized it was actually that sexy, I did it twice more and soon, my fourth! (Watch out for my updated Natural Hair Journey soon)! The big chop idea can be a bit scary but that doesn’t mean you won’t rock it. Look on the internet and find the style that’ll suit you. Just be confident.


Natural Hair Is Harder To Manage

Here’s the problem I’ve noticed. Most Ghanaian girls (I’m sorry, it’s true) don’t know how to manage their hair. Once they do the big chop, hurray! They’re naturalista. No, you need to take care of it. You need to wash and condition and honestly it’s not that expensive. In fact it’s totally not! All the mayo and pear and coconut oil trick works like magic, you have no idea. Look for a routine that’ll work for you hair and boom, your hair will pap! Going natural is a decision and truthfully, it is more difficult than maintaining a beautiful relaxed hairstyle. Think about it.


When You Go Natural, You’re Broke

Do you even have to care about such comments? It’s immature of people that say such things to you. Don’t be offended. You know what you have planned. Do it and do it with confidence. When they see you look fab in it and they come begging for your time in your DMs …you know what to do. Sometimes, the hair products may even be expensive but it depends on you though. There are cheaper alternatives. You just need to find products that work for you. You don’t have to use the same products Klorkor uses on her natural hair. That works for her, find what works for you.


Grease Will Help Your Hair Grow Faster

No, it won’t. Nothing you put in your hair will make your hair inches shoot up overnight. Everything really does take time. You’ve got to increase the circulation in your scalp to make your hair grow faster. Try braids as protective styling too.


You Can Still Flat Iron/Apply Heat On Your Natural Hair

Please don’t do it. Technically, when hair is flat-ironed protein and moisture links are broken which results in a curly hair becoming straight. This could cause your hair to break. So please, don’t do it. Embrace your kink and curl. Once again, it’s all confidence.


You Can Only Wear Wash-N-Go’s, Puffs And Twist-Outs When You Go Natural

Seriously? Only these three styles? And you believe that? Big fat NO! Heard of protective styling? They’re are lots of styles to choose from. You need to find what’ll make your hair grow well and look nice. It’s all about research boo. Just Pinterest and Google are a bank of ideas for when you’re out of ideas for what to do with your hair.

Go natural and confident. Its sexy.


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