Here Is Every Guy’s Ultimate Guide To The Art Of Seduction

The solution to getting more sex from the woman in your life is simple — SEDUCTION.

That’s right, seduction …

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Men are visual and sexual creatures. All it takes for you to get aroused (provided, of course, you’re attracted to a woman) is for her to touch your wee-wee or get naked. Sometimes all she has to do is show up and…

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Men see boobs and ass and they are ready and able. But for women, it’s different!

You already know that women are much more complex creatures when it comes to sexual arousal. Don’t believe me? Read the research done by some really smart scientists for the International Journal of Impotence Research (yes, there is such a publication – who knew?). They list more conditions for fluctuations in female sexual arousal than this article can fit: personal relationships, family concerns, child issues, emotional status, physical conditions, menstrual cycles, and on and on and on.
When it comes to seduction — you should know your woman best. But in case you’ve forgotten how this seduction thing goes, let me remind you.

First, consider things that DO NOT constitute seduction. As a matter of fact, these actions are a huge TURN OFF! Do them and you’re killing your chances of her wanting sex:

Groping her body

If she is studying at her desk, coming up from behind and sticking your hand in her bra will get you a reprimand if you’re lucky, or a slap if you’re not. One thing it won’t get you is laid. It’s not sexy. It doesn’t feel good. So stop it.

Suddenly getting naked (or whipping out your d*ck)

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Remember women are not as visual as men. They see plenty of hot bodies on the internet. Don’t expect her to pounce on you just because you are in front of her in all your bare glory. The only thing you will get with that silly strip-down move is a cold. Not sex.

Talking crassly about wanting sex

There’s a time and place for ‘dirty talk’ but leading with it before things even start heated up is a big mistake. Start off more subtly. Saying things like “You turn me on, bend over!” will ensure you don’t get any. Even blunt, out of nowhere phrases like: ‘I’m in the mood, are you?” or “Wanna do it now?” are hardly arousing. Being crude, rude, or tactless in your approach to sex tells her you don’t think she’s worth the effort. So why should she think you are?

So, what do you do instead? How do you seduce your woman so that you don’t end up alone with your right hand and a tub of Vaseline again.

Look your best.

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‘Every girl’s crazy about a sharply dressed man.’ And fellas, it’s true. Don’t whip out that suit. Just…dress nice. Leave the smelly sweatpants you’ve lived in all month in your locker.

Get a head-start!

Don’t start trying to seduce her the moment you want sex. Start earlier, at dinner by flirting with her across the table or if you’re the “let’s go to night market to buy banku” kinda guy, no worries. Tell her she’s beautiful … and mean it! Not too much tho. Just that one unexpected time on your to Night Market is fine!

Make her want you!

That’s the key to the whole seduction experience. How do you make her want you? You do so by increasing the sexual tension. Gently brush your hand against hers. Let your hand linger on her back or arms as you touch her. Whisper something in her ear! Something nice please! remember the “you’re beautiful” you just learnt?

Good boy.

Go slow!

Instead of grabbing her boob just like that, kiss the back of her neck. Trust me guys, it is an erogenous zone in women. Neck kisses are a great place to start. Don’t be all aggressive about it oo! remember; go slow!!  By the time you get to boobs, you’ve moved up into foreplay.

Gradually undress together.

Now you’re making progress. Undress her (and yourself) slowly. Look her in the eyes (don’t just stare at her 34DDs).

And… voila!! look at you smiling!

Gentlemen — Remember, as long as you keep seducing her, you’ll never find yourself complaining about sex in your relationship again (except if there is, perhaps, too much of it). So guys!! Happy weekend and detty yourselves to the fullest.

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Written By: ‘P’Maestro


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