9 Ways That You Are Kissing Wrongly

Too Much Teeth

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It is cannibalistic to bring your teeth into a kissing situation. Kissing is for flesh; lips and tongue it just ruins the moment to be clashing teeth like a stone-age sword fight. Teeth suck!



There is nothing more boring than having a kissing template. Tilt head to the same side, hold each other the same way…zzzzzzzz. Switch it up!

Spittle Drizzle

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Don’t give your salivary glands too much freedom in a kissing situation. You make it obvious that your partner is actually swallowing your saliva. Nasty!

Peeping Tom


What level of multi-tasking will make you look around while kissing your partner? It’s awkward and creepy. Close your eyes and savor the moment

Freshness Test


It is a form of environmental courtesy you show to your partner when you kiss them with fresh breath. Unless you two have been eating the same thing, just freshen your breath before you go so close to someone’s face.

Lip Service


It is stressful kissing a person with dry and chapped lips. Moisturize people! Or lick your lips to moisten them a little before you go into a kissing situation

Sharp Shooter


Don’t be too quick to thrust your tongue in to your partner’s mouth. It’s a moment to enjoy. Slow and steady wins the race. Let it build up like a good story till it gets there

The Whale


Dont open your mouth too wide as if you are going to swallow your partner whole. It is very scary

Too Much Tongue


Don,t bring your tongue out like a dog going to lick its master or as if you are going to take communion in a catholic church


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