9 Things You Shouldn’t Talk About On Social Media



Complaining About Your Job

Unless you don’t mind losing your job, you should not talk about how your job sucks and how your salary is nothing to write home about. Someone at your job may find it and relieve you of the job that stresses you so much

Private Event

If you are holding a private event for a selected few, you should really not talk about it on social media. You might end up with more guests than you budgeted for and end up explaining yourself on social media about how you threw a party that had a shortage of everything. Or how you announced a party and bounced guests.

Insult Your Boss

You do not know who is actively monitoring your social media activity. You could insult your boss in a post and he or she will come and reply the post with ayekoo. You shouldn’t even bother going to work the following day because whether you get fired or not, you are going to be in boiling water.

Illegal Activity

It is unwise to chronicle your illegal activities on social media, like how you got drunk and drove above the speed limit or how you swindled a numbskull out of their money.

Incriminating Evidence

Don’t leave evidence of yourself smoking narcotics or having sex on social media. Even if it doesn’t land you in jail, it may cost you your job, a business deal or your reputation, if it means anything to you.

Insulting Public Figures

Calling people names, making jokes or insulting people can be all fun and games until someone gets slapped with a defamation suit. If you have to insult someone, let it be someone you can comfortably get away with insulting or don’t even attempt it. You don’t want the BNI leaving summons in your DMs.

Offensive Comments

You should be careful when making sexist or racist comments or you should avoid them altogether. Freedom of speech does not allow you to insult the sensibilities of other people. Your account could be reported or you could get into legal trouble.

Unsanctioned Work In Progress

Don’t post pictures or sneak peaks of projects you are working on without first running it by the team. You could lose your job because you put up “spoilers” for a few “likes”, “faves” and “retweets”.

Family Matters

You shouldn’t put up personal issues especially ones involving family members on social media. You should learn to have a private life and keep it as such. The world doesn’t need to know who is bickering with who in your family and which auntie recently had a miscarriage


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