8 Roommate Instructions We All Need To Follow

Roommate etiquette

They can be a friend, they can be a pain in the neck, they offer help when we are in need, but they can also act unconcerned when we are in deep shit. Yes I am talking about roommates.

Campus life is exciting, more so when it is complemented by amazing roomies, but it all depends on how we relate with them.

To experience the best relationship with your roomies, one must follow certain constitutional demands in the room. Though not entrenched, if flouted you are in for a hell of a time in your room.

Honor Your Roommate’s Privacy And You Will Live Long 

Consider this the first ultimate rule as far as roommates are concerned. Boundaries are very significant in every human engagement. It exists even in our homes as well as our personal relationships. There are certain lines you don’t cross.  Boundaries must be respected and limits must be known and not crossed.

You don’t go around putting on clothes and footwear of your roomie whiles he/she is away. It’s a No No. Do you expect your roomie to be happy after searching his/her belongings for something you could have just asked them for? Your roomies’ utensils and cutlery are out of bounds…unless y’all cool like that, but breda man get your own wai, it’s not that expensive. Respect boundaries and you will live happily in the room.

Thou Shalt Ask Permission

It won’t kill to say “Adwoa Yankee, may I use your afro comb” or “Kofi Minta I beg make I feel your milk some small erh”. Permission means acknowledgment of ownership. Not asking permission may lead to unnecessary conflicts.
Food is the rudiment of survival on campus, so when your roomies food is touched keke without prior notice, know that there is fire on the mountain.

Stay Clean, So The Narrowing Gods Can Bless You

Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness. A dirty room is not conducive for “narrowing”(we’ll talk more on that). Most often than not, duty rosters are created to share responsibility of cleaning the room. It’s bad room etiquette not to follow rosters. We may be treated as princes and princesses at home but that life ceases immediately you find your self in the University with 2 or 3 people. In actual sense duty rosters are not needed to clean the room you sleep in. It’s actually wrong to wait for a piece of paper to tell you when to scrub the bath and washroom in which you seek asylum in times of discomfort. Also the garbage is not the exceeding grace of God for it to overflow; take it out when it’s getting to the brim. Utensils must be washed always when used and not left dirty for days.

Thou Liveth With Others. Be Considerate!

Always know that unless you are in “one in a room”, you are not living in isolation from your roommates and their needs must be considered sometimes. You don’t study at night time in the room while your other roomies want the lights off to sleep. That’s why there are reading rooms in every hall. The lights are not great compliments of sleep. Your roomies can’t complain because you are studying – the primary thing for being in school. They may be distressed but can’t utter a word. Think about them sometimes, breda or sista, move your lazy butt to the reading room if you want to burn the mid-night candle.

Observe The Laid Bed And Keep It Holy

Your roomies’ bed is off limits when it’s neatly laid. You don’t cause a roomies’ bed, which was initially neatly laid to be crumpled by virtue of your activities on it and leave it like that. It a complete No No. If possible, avoid touching a roomies laid bed entirely, if not, lay it as it was after use.

Thou Shalt Not Narrow Without Prior Notice

Ok so I made mention of the term “narrowing”. Narrowing is when your roomie is having a private time with their girlfriend or boyfriend whiles you’ve been kept out or locked out. The freedom on campus has made it so. But as a “narrower”, this private or quiet time should not be over exploited to the extent that the “narrowees” are frustrated. it all boils down to permission and communication. As a narrower, always make your about-to-be-narrowed roomies know what is about to go down in the room before hand so they can plan accordingly. Also time taken for those private moments should be as short as possible. This will foster a good room life.

Surprise Perchers Will Face The Wrath Of The Hall Tutor 

A percher is no longer a bird on a branch of a tree or a person sitting on an elevated place serving as a seat, but an additional roommate whose stay in the room is illegitimate according to the laws of the hall. Most often than not perchers are brought in by either one or two of the room citizens. In other circumstances, one legitimate room citizen can have about 4 perchers. This normally creates discomfort for the other roomie who would want a bit of privacy in their own paid room. To foster peaceful co-existence in a room so far as perchers are concerned, there must be an agreement by the roomies that a particular percher is welcome in the room. Always seek the permission of your roomies before bringing in perchers.

Keep Your Smelly Farts Within And It Shall Be Well With You

Nothing infuriates a person than when he realizes the chemical properties of the room atmosphere is gradually changing. Farts are not entertained at all, especially the sensitive ones that suffocate and feel like your lungs are being ripped out of your chest. But you never know whether this particular potential fart is gonna smell or not until it comes out right?. Why don’t you excuse yourself from the room when you feel like manipulating the atmosphere? At least go to the balcony. We hear it’s multipurpose.

A happy room life is a fart-free room life.

Written By: Appah Bondzie 


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