7 Things Guys Just Need To Stop Doing

Guys are cool. About 40 percent really. And they do a great job of unleashing the greatest feelings in us. Well except, of course, those who find excitement with other girls. Right from the sheer masculinity they exude, to the charm and their little flirtatious ways, they indeed make things interesting every day.

But it is the other 60 percent I write about. That group of boys who have proven against all odds to be expert jerks. And just like a puppy ruining your most comfortable shoes, have  a strong penchant for doing the world’s most outrageous things which tend to make us question the need for their existence.

So, here are 7 things that guys do that annoy the living daylights out of me and well…a lot of girls I know.




Cat calling

Yes. We know you like what you see, but you certainly don’t have to be a dork about it. We’d appreciate it if you walked up and told us (nicely) what you like about what you’ve beheld instead of whistling and belting out funny and obscene names.


Hair commentary

What we do with our hair is solely our business and until you have explicit confirmation to ask questions, we accept only compliments. Not even your curiosity for if “that is our actual hair length” or” if the weave is part of our hair” is excusable. We certainly are discreet when it comes to your weird table-top haircuts. Try it, it’s not that difficult.


Attention Deficiency

The natural ability to be terribly unfocused (unless it has something to do with our anatomies)… and proceed to ask what was being discussed is insanely irritating. Girls love a guy who can hold a great conversation. Quality conversation draws us more to you. Don’t get into a conversation till you can stay focused and awe us with witty comments and laughter please. We would rather spend time painting our nails.


Asking us to cook every time hunger comes up

Some women love throwing things together to make one wild delicacy but not all women share this passion. It’s like saying because we’ve been born females, we’d be automatically suited to sewing or some other “girly” chore. We certainly did not come to feed you and well, it would be nice if you also did the cooking once in a while.


Coming on too strong

It’s nice to have a guy show interest in you. The whole “I’m here because I want you” makes a complete chemistry filled package. But it gets very exasperating when a boy drops too many hints at once, especially when they use friendship as a bait to get you. Too many calls the next day after we’ve met and pushing your presence on a girl takes your score down to zero.


Acting up because we have male friends yet have a world of female friends.

This is one sore point most girls complain about. Boys totally despise the fact that their girls have male friends, yet it seems totally cool that they have female friends who constantly show interest in them. It’s cool really .If they are fine with that, then they might as well tolerate our male friends. We know you bask in the attention so show some trust and let us bask too.


Being All About Sex

I know you know this had to come up at a point. Judging by the number of trips your eyes make from our faces to our boobs, we know that the first thing you see when you look at us is us…without the clothes. We do understand that you are highly sexual beings but making it so obvious is grossly uncomfortable. You should learn and master the art of drawing a girl out till when she wants to give it up. It makes it more fun filled for both parties.


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