6 Necessary Goals You Should Consider This Semester

It’s official guys! January 2018 is finally over, making way for the awesome month of love and we are here for it! This coincidentally marks the start of the 2nd sem, which clearly y’all couldn’t wait for. But as we move in and get settled, won’t it be fun to make new sem resolutions just as we do for the new year?

Yes it’s a thing that people already do. We know. But for the rest of us who may be at sea as to where to begin, here are a few things you can include in your new sem resolutions.

Be active
Take part in activities held by your various departments and halls. Join clubs, achieve those body goals by registering at the school gym. It doesn’t end there, you can also come up with brilliant and innovative ideas for your own business or challenge yourself by partaking in the numerous competitions held on and off campus. Life’s too short to waste it all on movies and video games.

Get informed
Very important! You don’t want to be kept in the dark when it comes to knowing about the things happening around you. Cos of course if you know, you know! Fortunately that’s what we’re here for and it just starts with bookmarking kuulpeeps *wink*

Go out, meet new people, make new friends, get over yourself and ask that crush of yours out. Enough with the stretching, accept one of those potentials. Get new contacts cos no man is an island and there’s no better place to network than in school.

Don’t be the bad room mate
Try to avoid being the most talked about roomie, not in a negative way at least. Don’t go about pissing everyone in your room off because you failed to clean up after you messed up the room, or didn’t ask before you took what doesn’t belong to you and oh..try to be nice to your roommate’s visitors, fake smiles saf will suffice. Simply put, be courteous. That’s all!

Study before exams
We know it’s hard and almost impossible! But why must we wait till a day before our papers to cram everything in our already frustrated brains? Warris dat? seriously, we’ve got to get rid of this terrible ampedu behaviour. No more last minute photocopying of notes. You could join a serious study group or ahosh the serious students in your class. Either way, we must overcome it.

Save or invest
Oh and while you’re having all the fun you didn’t get to have at home, be sure to save up some of your money because the parties and programs you’d want to attend during the vac cost money, plus the hustle after school is real, guys! So yeah, before you end up sponsoring his birthday dinner or her girls hangout, think this through.

So yeah…welcome back to school kuulpeeps! Remember to drink a lot of water, stay safe, mind your own business and sip some tea.


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