5 Things That Kill The Vibe In Relationships


Keeping secrets!

This really kills the vibe. Unless you’re planning a surprise for your partner, it is so not cool to keep your partner in the dark. The person feels you’re shutting them out of your life and then communications starts to break and a relationship is like a plant, and communication waters the plant. So if a plant is not watered it dies which means your relationship will die eventually.


Not living up to your word

Don’t say you’ll do something you are not capable of doing. We all become forgetful at some point so you can forget to call her back when you said you would, that’s fine, but it shouldn’t become a constant behavior. Being disappointed often quenches the flare.


That pride!

Pride comes before a fall. If you let your pride take a better place in your relationship it’ll die out without you even realizing it. When you do something wrong, accept your mistake and apologize, it shouldn’t be hard for you to apologize. The moment you find it hard apologizing for things you did wrong, your pride is taking over. Watch it!


The bed of lies!

Do not lie to your partner! This tears things apart if they find out you lied to them and you might never be able to gain their trust ever again. Being lied to is like being taken for a fool. So don’t make your partner feel like a fool. I believe you wouldn’t want to be taken for a fool!


Don’t bring too many people on board

Your partner is dating just you, so when you have a problem with you two, you talk to your partner but not your friends or your partner’s friends. This is going to spark a whole lot of drama around the issue even if it’s a very tiny problem. Talk to each other first and if things don’t go right, you can bring in someone both of you trust.


Although these are not all, they are some of the biggest relationship killers there are. If you are doing any of them, stop it. If you’re not, great don’t start. Hopefully this has been helpful.


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