10 Myths And Why Your Parents Fabricated Them

Growing up, we heard the most ridiculous things!!

Parents, older siblings, aunties and uncles fed us with all sorts of stories and we believed them!! The funny thing is, we still believe some of them to this very day!!

For those of us who still don’t understand why we were told those myths or even don’t know they are myths, here are few “oh really? I didn’t know moments

Do not sing whilst bathing

Or elseyour mother will die.

Scary huh? Well here’s why they probably made that up; Soap is made of different chemicals which will harm you if you ingest it. Singing while bathing will just cause you to swallow large amounts of all that sodium sulfate and other harmful chemicals.

Do not wash your face with water that was left overnight in a mortar

Or else… You will see ghosts

Well, we don’t know who actually had the guts to try this out but the only logic behind this is probably the fact that it is unhygienic to wash your face with water in a mortar.

Why would you want to wash your face with water that has bits of three days old ‘fufu’ stuck in it anyway?

Do not sweep at night.

Why? Because sweeping at night means you’re sweeping your fortune/wealth away.

This is actually really close to the truth. No you wouldn’t be sweeping your wealth away spiritually but at least, you could mistakenly sweep away some money or important documents. Why not wait till morning to sweep anyway? What’s the rush? This explanation was relevant when we used lanterns, now we have electricity everywhere.

Do not beat a child with a broom

Or else… The child will give birth to a broom

Beating a child with the same object you use to sweep rubbish is definitely not the ideal thing to do. Ever thought of the kind of germs that would be crawling up their skin, anticipating the kind of diseases they’d be bestowing upon your child??


When your palms itch, it means you’re about to get some money!!!!


We really hate to do this but, sweethearts; your palms itching are just itching.

There’s nothing to it.    Although, sometimes, in extreme cases, it could mean eczema, fungal infections or allergies.


Do not wash your hands beneath someone else’s hands.

If you do, you are taking the person’s good fortune.

This is obviously another case of hygiene. What’s the point of washing your dirty hands with water coming from another person’s dirt hands? Why don’t you just wait to wash your own hands after the person is done?


Cobwebs are mediums of communication for the devil.

Relax; cobwebs aren’t the SMS hubs for your hometown’s witches. This myth was probably made up to stop people from keeping dusty cobwebs in their homes. Keeping a house clean is just advantageous to everyone living in the house.


Eating fish head will make you go mad

People! Fish head is actually a good source of protein and vitamin A. Actually, it’s the whole fish so why waste some extra protein? Eat everything! Live longer!


Don’t wash your face upwards

Or else…

Wait. Hold up. Let’s not do this.  First things first, why would you wash your face upwards?? Why! Why??? Whoever caused his or her parents to come up with some myth surrounding this is just….weird? Plain weird. But, just in case you did this or know someone doing this, the obvious reason why it’s wrong is definitely because you may end up getting water through your nostrils.


Wash your hands before you leave the cemetery

Why? Because it is necessary to emphasize the boundary between the living and the dead.

This is also quite straightforward. It’s obviously for health reasons. Cemeteries are full of well yeah, dead people and not just dead people but also dead people who died from all kinds of diseases. You never know what disease is lurking among the tombstones, waiting to catch new hosts. You can mourn the dead, say your goodbyes but don’t forget to wash those hands!!

So now you see, most of these were not meant to scare us. If anything, parents and grandparents and great – grandparents and all the other “Greats” and “Grands” were just eager to keep their children clean and safe. So now, armed with these eye openers, don’t spoil the fun. Keep up with the myths to let your kids have something to “eeii mummy/ daddy!!” about sometime later in their lives when they find out the truth.


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