What Do You Do If Your Partner Tells You They Have An STI? We’ve Got The Tea.

So y’all are already dating or now moving into the boyfriend and girlfriend space and they drop the bombshell.

They said they have an STD and you’re freaking out in your mind.

You are a little confused as to what to do but here’s some advice if you find yourself in this sticky situation.

Calm down

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Try not to freak out. We get that it might be a little shocking to hear at first but it isn’t that big of a deal. Catching an STD isn’t as big of a deal as you think. For most of them, you just need to get drugs and you’ll be fine.

Seek Information

It’s necessary to know what your partner has and get information about it. You need to know the preventive measures to take, how your partner is treating the STI and even if the STI is contagious despite treatment. You need to go to the hospital apart from using the internet because there’s a lot of false information.

Consider how you found out

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If your partner had sex raw with you knowing he/she had an STI then you can be really mad cuz they knew but they still went ahead and infected you. If your partner was honest to you about it and confided in you they did the right thing in a tough situation.

Don’t Let Negative Stereotypes affect your decisions

See, let’s be honest. Most of the things we know about STI’s are based on myths and that’s why we said you should seek information. Don’t let negative stereotypes about STD’s play into your decision about how to handle the situation. Stick to your gut feeling.

Know that you have the right to end the relationship especially if your partner cheated on you and got infected and infected you as well. We know right… messy, and please do not forget to practice safe sex especially when y’all are not in a defined relationship.

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