These Are Things You Need To Know Before Going For Your First Drinkup In University

First year students in most of the Universities in the country have arrived in their schools and life has just started for them. The University campus is just like our communities. Everything that happens in one’s neighbourhood virtually happens on the University campus.
As a new person on campus, you may have heard the word “drinkup”. Yes, that is how parties organized in various rooms on campuses is called in Ghana.
Since you are new and not aware of how things are runned during drinkups in the University, here are some things you need to know for every drinkup you attend on campus.

1. Go with people

This is the ultimate thing to do as a fresh student. Make it a point to go with people you know because that guarantees your fun during the drinkup. If you are a guy, go with the ladies so that you can have the needed fun. Going alone will not be a good idea because the “whom you know” syndrome is mostly applied during drinkups.

2. Take your own drink along

If you can, it is advisable for you to take your own drink along when you are going for a drinkup. Find out from organizers of the drinkup about the components of whatever they are serving. This keeps you safe because you will not have to drink any “killer mixtures” which are usually served at drinkups

3. Do an extensive research on the University

Drinkups are opened to all students. Ranging from people in junior year to senior year. However, hardly will a lady in senior year agree to hangout with a freshman. You can have that senior year girl to yourself for the night if you have done your research on the school, courses for continuing students because that will tell you what to tell and what not to tell her.

4. Look for an alternative accommodation where you can crush for the night incase you over drink

This is one of the paramount things to know before going for a drinkup. Contact friends who are residents of the hostel or hall where the drinkup is being organized. This provides you with a place to spend the night incase you drink your head off.

5. Let your roommate know of your where about

It is a great idea to tell your trusted roommate where the drinkup is happening. Telling your trusted roommate where the drinkup is happening affords you the added advantage of getting someone to help you if you are drunk and cannot walk back to your room.

6. Take good care of your phone

Drinkups are gatherings that have in attendance, people from all walks of life. Yes you will want to get that selfie to tell that great story but in places where two or more are gathered, there is a thief in their midst. Guard your phone with all your might or risk losing it to that thief dressed like a “god”.


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