Report: Twitter to Monitor Profiles of 50 Black Footballers After Racist Abuse

Twitter is reportedly set to closely monitor activity on the platform surrounding 50 high-profile black footballers in an attempt to stop racist abuse.

According to Martyn Ziegler of The Times, “the monitoring system will aim to react more promptly to remove racist posts, block abusers’ accounts and report them to the police.”

A Twitter insider said, “we’ve made it a priority to reduce the burden on people to report.”

Manchester United’s Paul Pogba was abused on social media on Monday after he saw a penalty saved in the 1-1 draw with Wolverhampton Wanderers in the Premier League.

The Frenchman’s United team-mates Marcus Rashford and Harry Maguire made their feelings known on the matter:

Twitter provided a statement to Rob Harris of the Associated Press about the incidents:

BBC Sport reported that Twitter will meet with United and Kick It Out following the abuse directed towards Pogba.

Twitter has since reportedly changed its policy when it comes to racist and abusive posts to a more proactive approach. In the past, the platform would only investigate instances of racist or discriminatory language if they were reported.

Source: BBC


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