KNUST: Welcome Freshers! This Packing List Should Help You Know If You Brought The Right Things For School

Freshers! You finally made your way to the littest university in Ghana and soon enough you would be having the best lifetime experiences. You are probably wondering if you brought all the things you need.

Relax we know how these  things can stress you out. Have a look at this list , it’s definitely going to be a great help!

Toiletries – bathing soaps and dishes, sponge, bathroom slippers, bucket and pail, towels, hair net, toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, shaving sticks and cream, wipes and pads, tampons, bathing disinfectants, cotton swabs, toilet rolls, air refreshers, hair brush, mirror, nail clippers

Laundry – washing soaps and detergents, bleach, pegs, softeners, cute drying ropes, laundry basket, pressing iron, washing fragrance and oils,

Clothing – jeans (longs and shorts), sneakers, loafers, belts, bras, underwear and briefs, flat shoes, purse, wallets, wrist watch, heels, flats, sporting wears, socks, tanks, tees, suits, white long sleeves (law students), blue long sleeves (business students), violet or purple long sleeves (natural resource students), party shorts!!

Kitchen – hot plate or electric burner, rice cooker, toaster, refrigerator, cutlery, hot pots and pans, microwave, blender, knives, plate racks and plates, napkins, cling films and foil, tissue paper, mugs and cups, cleaning sponge and detergents, tray,

Stationery – notepads, pen and pencils, math sets, calculator, backpack, dairy, journal, high school textbooks (comes in handy in first semester), official paper, novels and magazines.

Tech – smartphone, laptop, kindle, power bank, thumb drives, gaming controllers and consoles, charger, extension board and adapter,

Meds – allergy meds, painkillers, multivitamins, birth control, repellants,

Miscellaneous – umbrella, raincoat, threaded needles, identity cards, condoms

Obviously, you couldn’t have brought everything. There is always next semester so you can always refer to this when the need arises.

Enjoy your stay!


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