KNUST :Types Of Perchers On Campus

Perching has been a common thing among students. Let’s take a look at some perchers on our campuses. As we all know, perching isn’t allowed in our halls or hostels but yet some students still break the rules and for reasons best known to them.


These are those who genuinely can’t afford a hostel due to monetary problems and therefore need a little help to stay closer to campus to improve their academic activities. These people are super committed to their books since they know where they’re from and why they are there. Even though there are others who decide not to care about where they are from and would rather take advantage of the situation to have fun.


These are our friends who spend their hostel fees on girls and other stuff and later perch. These people act so rich on campus and spend money on almost everything they see especially unnecessary things yet don’t want to book a hostel.


Here there are two sets of people. – The first set is those who act like they’re so broke in order to use their hostel fees for other stuff…. as though we also don’t have other expenses. The second set is those that are broke yet act so rich even while perching. They buy expensive stuff even though they are broke …. Sometimes we wonder how they get the money. Maybe they borrow….. who knows???


These type of perchers act like the room belongs to them especially when they are ladies. These perchers bring visitors anytime they want and the annoying thing is that they cook for them at the expense of the actual room owner. These perchers don’t even contribute to some expenses for the room, like; electricity, foodstuffs etc. yet they eat like gluttons. They don’t even help in cleaning the room. They leave when they want and come back whenever they want as though they paid for the room instead. They may even tell their friends they are the room owners and the room owner is rather the percher.


These type of perchers act so well and innocent when they want to perch. They bow to your every demand until they eventually become part of the room then they later show you they’re bosses. They may even disrespect you and some could even go to the extent of bringing their boyfriends and girlfriends to sleepover.

Trust us when we say every percher has his or her own issues.We wouldn’t advise perching but if you’re up to the task and think you can handle it then…….


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