KNUST: Types Of Couples On Campus

At our age and level of maturity, dating is quite normal and it is actually expected of us especially the ladies whose parents can’t wait for them to get married. The list below provides us with a gist of the type of couples we have especially on campus.

The Lovey-dovey couple

They are our very typical lovebirds. As if love was created just for them, they can make you feel shitty in your own relationship, and if you are single too sad story. At times you would feel disgusted with how mushy and chummy they are. They are always together and almost do everything together.

The social media couple

These couples are all over the place on social media. We know all their going in’s and going out’s and they are mostly goals with all their cute pictures and cute activities they do together. That is until we open their pages one day and realize they have deleted all their pictures together without any explanation whatsoever I mean come on we were all in this relationship together we deserve to know how things went down.

The mama’s and papa’s

These couples have the foundation of their relationship in the word of God and are in almost all church activities together, from prayer meeting to church wings. You will mostly see them together at Paa Joe or Royal parade grounds during prayer sessions.

The live-in couples

Please, these ones have already signed their marriage certificate and had their own private wedding. They are husband and wife, sharing all the benefits that come from such a union. Well, congratulations my dears we hope to at least get an invitation to your child’s outdooring. Don’t worry, we will come bearing gifts.




Most studious couple

As for these ones you don’t even know if they are in a relationship together or a two-man study group. They are always learning and you hardly see them together. When you ask them, they will tell you that they came to school to study and in fact even if you do see them together, they are on their way to the study room. Do they ever romance? I’m definitely asking for someone.


The regular couples

These are the ones everyone can relate to.  I mean everybody knows they are a couple but they are not over the bar with the stuff they do. Of course, they go on dates, visit each other and all have pictures of each other as their screen savers but don’t do anything ‘extra O’ unless it is a special occasion like a birthday.


So there you have it boys boys and girls. If you think we have left any category out, let us know in the comment section.


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