KNUST! Here Are The Places You Can Go On Campus Dates.

So we’ve all heard that there are no cool places here on campus where you can take your partner to. Yeah, and no better place to even hang around with some friends.
Well, retract those rumours and ask for facts. Because the truth is there are a number of exciting places you can go to on campus to have a lovely date.
Have you tried the KNUST BOTANICAL GARDENS? I know a lot of people have heard about it but have you actually been there? If you haven’t then better start making arrangements to just see the place. The greens will take you out of place. It’s near the KNUST police station.
You will love it the very first time you go there. Then every other day you go there, you’ll find a brand new reason to love the place again. The cool thing is, is just around the corner on campus.
Okay, only a few people reading now might have an idea of this place. It’s a mini restaurant located in the pharmacy building. Did you ever imagine?  Go there sometime and enjoy their meals, you’ll love it.
Now, if we’re mentioning places we cannot leave our very own popular ICY CUP. That yoghurt is something, but their little dine-in is as cosy as that fresh cup of yoghurt. Try hanging out there with someone special sometime. Try the branches around the commercial area or the agriculture faculty and enjoy your date.
 Now the truth is, it doesn’t matter where you take your special someone. It doesn’t always have to be that fancy expensive restaurant or hotel. It’s who you are with that matters.
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