KNUST: Our 5 Star Rated Foods on Campus

The long-awaited vacation is finally coming to an end.

And here we are again ready to face the daily struggle of what to eat…….from breakfast to lunch to supper.

Well, here in KNUST it’s quite annoying and frustrating to go through the usual routine of eating almost the same foods throughout the semester.

To my ladies who like cooking, it’s a thumbs up since we don’t have to go through these struggles and oh not forgetting my sweet gentlemen who love to make female friends just to get food to eat lol…

From my personal day to day hustle for food, I came up with these foods that are very common on campus.

Let me gladly start with “GOBE” (Gari and beans) which is the favourite of all KNUST guys, rich or broke. Gobe is the one stop food you could think of… and guess what? It could take you through your breakfast and lunch. Well, our ladies like to flex a little so they’ll rather settle for some waakye (Cooked beans and rice) but charley the truth be say dem feel the gobe too oo  but sekof dem dey feel demma body no nti ah well….

And there’s the FRIED YAM – No knust student goes a week or two without fried yam, it’s our all-time favorite…hmm? Or maybe my favorite lol whichever way there’s still a favorite … Everyone loves fried yam.

GA KENKEY” (Sourdough dumpling). After a long day stress, you can settle with some supper hot kenkey and spicy pepper together with some ‘one man thousand’. When we get broke charley that’s what we settle for. No long things biaa.

When you get bored of eating the regular, I bet this will be your last resort. Get some toasted BREAD AND EGG alongside some chilled Fanta cocktail and you are good to go

“THE ALMIGHTY KELEWELE” (Hot plantain  crisps) charley …… our evenings wouldn’t have been any better without this. I mean it’s not really a meal but still one of our favorites.

Aduane pa!



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