KNUST : Important Places On Campus

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has a huge land mass with the main campus alone having a general size of about seven miles, it’s not exactly possible to go everywhere and know everywhere but there are some place that everybody needs to know in fact has to know when they enter the university, These places have a huge significance in the life of students due to the various functions they have and are as follows;


The central classroom block auditorium popularly known as CCB is more or less like the hub for most events such as movie premiers, seminars, gospel rock show and even church services. It also serves as a lecture hall most weekdays and there at times the culture group has their test there. It is located at about 200 meters away from the Ayeduase gate and is directly behind the central classroom block.


The great hall as the name implies is indeed great with its large capacity and is known for holding all prominent events in the university such as matriculation, graduation ,beauty pageants, seminars and even serves as the meeting grounds for some churches and also the praying grounds for Muslims. The local radio station, focus FM also has its home in the great hall. It is smack dab in the middle of the main residential area of the campus together with the library.


We all know what a library is for even if we don’t go there until we see mid-semester or end of semester approaching .The KNUST library having the official name of Prempeh II forms the center piece of the campus and can be seen all the way from the faculty area especially when you are walking on the Mecca road, it is impossible to miss and poses quite a daunting figure when approaching it. The library is equipped with all sorts of information you may be looking for both in softcopy and hard copy.


The administration block is located about 300 meters away from the Prempeh II library via the Prempeh II link. It is where all administrative works takes place that’s the planning and organization of the is where the offices of the principal officers are that is The Chancellor, The Chairman of council and the Vice – Chancellor. The Pro Vice- Chancellor and The Registrar can also be found there.



Another event center that KNUST can boast of. It is surrounded by the library, Queen’s hall, Republic hall and Independence hall. It mostly houses programs when the capacity of people attending exceeds that of which the great hall can hold. Most of the programs held there are concerts with many of the famous artistes in the country attending or performing. The royal parade ground is also the center for holding The Students Chaplaincy Council ( SCC)  services. And if you want your house people to stop following you, visit there during the weekdays when there are no programs, the tongues and thunder will chase them away.



The famous stadium of the school. It is the place where all sports activities take place other than swimming. It is located about a few meters behind indece. Paa Joe is the holy ground for the prayer warriors, mamas and papas of the school.


This is more or less the business center of the school with most of the banks located there. It also has a pharmacy and a mini market where you can buy various foodstuffs when you don’t want to go out of campus. The famous Jubilee mall is also located at the commercial area. The office Dean of Students can also be located there and is adjacent the jubilee mall.  The commercial area serves as the last buss top for the shuttle routes an also then main shuttle station on campus.


Now you know all the places you need to know on campus and If you think we left any place out mention it in the comment section……….





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