If You Don’t Get Excited Over At Least 7 Of These, Your Childhood Was Boring AF!

Back when we were kids, there were some gadgets you just had to have!! Even if you didn’t have it, knowing someone who had them was exciting!

They were big deals!!!

Hunchback TVs

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Remember those TVs with the ‘tikor’???? Lol if you were naughty, you will remember how your parents would touch the back of the TV for warmth to test if you had been watching when you were asked not to!

Video Deck Players


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Only the elite had these!! If you wanted to watch a movie, you needed the video deck to play those movies on cassettes! The stress of rewinding was real!!!

DVD players

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How else would we have watched all those 16-in-one movies? These things were the future and they slowly replaced video deck players! If you had both, you just stack them on top of the other and place them next to or beneath the TV!

Cassette Players

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You probably have an uncle or aunt somewhere who still has this! These doubled as radios and cassette players and that’s what we used to listen to all the old hits and gospel songs lol.

A Walkman!!!

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A portable cassette player! Only the Dbees had them!


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And when Discmans came… mindblowing!!! You had to have one of this charle!! A portable cd player to listen to the music you burned on a CD!!

MP3 Players

Image result for mp3 playerImage result for mp3 player

You are screaming, right? These things changed the GAME!!!! They were so modern and very portable!!


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Then we got our first phones! Nokia 1110s and 3310s held us down! Bluetooth was everything then and that’s all we wanted!


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If you got computers, then you were not anyone’s mate!! All those games, even paint was exciting enough for us!

Game boy

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Raise your hand if you had one and all you did was to be too known with it!!

Everything on this list probably sparked some memory right? Don’t fight the nostalgia!

Which one got you excited the most?


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