9 Emotions Every Ghanaian University Student Has Felt During A Lecture

Lectures bring out all kinds of feelings in us. For the new students coming to the university these are feelings you’ll get acquainted with once you get over the “I’m actually in the university” feeling. For continuing students these are emotions you’ve probably felt at one point or another.


The “Time Is Moving So Slowly” Feeling


When you think you’ve sat through over an hour and a half of a lecture, check your time and find out only thirty minutes have actually passed.


The “Is It Worth It” Feeling


When you think the lecturer is not making any sense and that you would have been better off just going through your reading material in your room.


The “How Many More Times Do I Have To Do This” Feeling


When you’re in a lecture and realise it’s only the third week of the semester and that you have a lot more weeks to look forward to.


The “Trying Not To Attract Attention” Feeling


When you’re in a particular lecture with a lecturer who likes to call people at random to answer questions and you try to blend in as much as possible so you don’t get called.


The “Move On Already” Feeling


When the lecturer actually calls you and asks a question. You tell him you don’t know (“I have no idea” is very popular with Legon students) but he still doesn’t move on because he wants to know why you don’t know.


The “I Shouldn’t Have Stayed Up Late Last Night” Feeling


When you can barely keep your eyes open in the lecture and you ask yourself if staying up late the previous night was really worth it or of you should have even bothered to go for the lecture at all.


The “It’s Almost Over” Feeling


When the lecturer says he or she just has a few more things to go through before they’re done you get this feeling. It’s a trap, though. He or she is not actually close to finishing but they get you very interested because you think it’s almost over.


The “What If…” Feeling


I have experienced this feeling during lectures countless number of times. I start imagining impossible “what if” scenarios like if I was Bill Gates’ long lost son or something.


The “Got To Get Busy” Feeling


When the lecturer keeps staring in your direction and you have to look busy; like you’re writing something even though you have absolutely no clue what’s going on.


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