Viewer Discretion Adviced: A Ghanaian Taxi Driver Was Reportedly Murdered In Broad Daylight In New York

People have immigrated to the United States to take up menial jobs just so that they can secure a good future for themselves and/or for their family members.

It’s a hard knock life out there and people are basically just trying to survive.

That is why if the circumstances surrounding the purported murder of a Ghanaian Taxi driver in New York is true, then it’s quite sad.

In a rather graphic video that has been making the rounds online, a gentleman who is said to be a Ghanaian who works as a taxi driver in New York, USA was stabbed in broad daylight.

From the video, the said Ghanaian man was involved in an altercation with another lady when all of a sudden blood started oozing out of his stomach.

Blood can be seen gushing onto the floor and yet nobody was in a hurry to take him the hospital.

This is a continuation of the video…, cannot independently verify the information, however, multiple accounts on social media have been talking about this unfortunate incident.

Whether the black man in the video is a Ghanaian or not, it is a rather sad thing that can ever happen to a human being.

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