These Songs From Back In The Day Were So Profane It’s Amazing We Were Allowed To Sing Them!

Look, when we hear some throwback songs, the first thing that comes to mind is you, as a kid, dancing and singing loudly to these songs

Fast forward, many years later, you listen to the songs again and your mind borst!!

Is this what we were singing???

Daddy Lumba


King of all things dirty! We aren’t sure which song we should talk about saf because they are soo many!!! He was the G.O.A.T!


Queen. Did she have any song that wasn’t profane? Sis worked on sexual appeal and milked it! This song in particular…never heard sex described so plainly like this!!!

Papa Shee

This song and Atadwe lol if you never ever thought about it…you should listen to them again!! Whatever the “lali la la la” was…we hope to ask Papa Shee sometime soon.

AB Crentsil – Moses

This soothing and beautiful song was dirty af!! The beginning can easily throw you off but as you go deeper (Pun unintended) you will be amazed!! Double entendre at it’s best!!

Ps: this video…NSFW!

Ofori Amponsah

What exactly did he want to chew like sardines? Lol pretty sure we all harmlessly sang the song

Did our parents know we were singing these songs??? lol

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