#TheDMChallenge How One Girl On Twitter Single-Handedly Saved Every Guy’s Life With A DM

Yesterday while some of us were obliviously going about our business, the world was changing.

One girl tweeted about how she DMed a guy because she heard he liked her and the response from him, via her screenshots was funny and cute!

Clearly, the guy was so confused and happy and we understand right? Most girls (let’s not pretend please) rarely go out of their way to DM a guy for some reason or the other.

Know what the Queen did, she decided to DM any guy who retweets her post and she got even more amazing replies! The feedback from the guys was a lot!!

so then… like any real Queen who cares about her people does…

She decided to start a DM Challenge! Girls were supposed to use this challenge to do what they’d never do: DM a guy for the first time and lol the response was overwhelming!

The guys were so excited!! Some of them were getting DMs and they were pleasantly surprised 

But for some…

well… better luck next time lol

But in the meantime… let’s appreciate this Queen who made young men all over Ghana shed tears of joy!

@_favouritesmile you’re appreciated!

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