You Think You’re Clean? Check Again! These Parts Of Your Body Are Dirtier Than You Think!

We all practice personal hygiene right?

Every day, we bath twice a day,

brush our teeth twice a day

ad generally do everything we can to be clean cos no one wants to fall sick or stink right?

We’d talk about the select few some other time

But for now, let’s take a look at the dirtiest parts of your body you usually don’t pay attention to


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Your mouth is the dirtiest part of your body but lol you don’t mind blending the bacteria in yours with some other person you find attractive’s mouth right? lol, the mouth has over 700 types of bacteria so it’s important to brush twice and rinse your mouth regularly too!!


Image result for tongue out cardi b


We mentioned mouth but let’s take a closer look at the tongue too please! The tongue houses most of the bacteria in the mouth and your tongue even can change its colour with the presence of bacteria. So…work on that tongue anytime you wash your mouth and brush!

Belly Button

Image result for belly button

It’s easy to forget this place right? That thing on your stomach is the perfect place for bacteria to rest and just relax so any time you bath, take a look there and wash it too! The dirt can stay there for a while, become hard and worst-case scenario, a tumour is being formed.


Image result for nose gif

So we know that the nose has it’s own mechanism for trapping dirt and preventing it from going into your nose but, the dirt and bacteria also get trapped in there so the next time…don’t use your fingers, please. Use a cloth and or water and clean the nose…don’t go pouring water into your nose, please.

You know what to do when the next time you are bathing right? Clean all the corners dear!

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