Video Director, Kemist Gold Takes Shots At E.L On Twitter And Calls Him ‘Dishonest’

At this point, everyone and everything has been ‘sco patu mana-ed’ before.

EL’s picture was posted on Twitter and captioned with the famous “Sco Patu Mana” which, on Twitter, means ‘what’s your opinion on this?’ or ‘free your mind on this’.

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This time, it was the video director, Kemist Gold who decided to sco patu mana things off his chest.

He tweeted: “Talented muthafucker but he is not an honest individual”

Everyone shock and things cos…what is happening here?

Image result for side eye gif

And then Dex Kwasi, the rapper who has also worked with E.L several times commented “Lmaoooo f@ck”

Now we are here like…

Image result for confused gif

“What is going on here…”

Kemist Gold was the director for E.L’s video for his song “Higher” which was released a few months ago and is behind Joey B’s popular UxMe song’s video as well.

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