How Would You Know You Are Being Taken For Granted? These Are The Signs That You Are Being Used

This applies to both males and females.

There are several different reasons why someone would use you: money, sex, ego-boost…anything.

These are some of the signs that you are being used in a relationship!

Your relationship is inconsistent

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One minute you’re having the time of your life with this person, and suddenly, you haven’t spoken for a week. Then, just as suddenly, they pop back, asking you for another favour.

Your conversations are one-sided


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They have a problem, and you have to figure out a way to solve it. As soon as you start explaining the struggles you have in life, the conversation slows to a crawl.

Conversations usually start and end about one subject

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Whether it’s a friend complaining about her appearance, or a boy pushing you to have sex, conversations revolve around one particular topic. These conversations are more frequent than you’d like to admit, and often it goes along with our next point!

You’re unsupported in your life

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You’ll be there every step of the way if they ask you to, but they have a thousand excuses whenever you want them to support you.

When you’re around others, the person’s attitude changes

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There’s a noticeable change in their attitude. Often, they’re ignoring you and having fun or begging you to leave.

If you don’t do something they ask you to, they get moody and resentful

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And they’re always asking for something!!!!!!

You don’t know their friends

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You may have met some of them at some point but you’ve never actually had quality time with them or gone past awkward small talk.

Sometimes, the person using you doesn’t realize what they’re doing or that they’re hurting you. Don’t be afraid to approach them with how you feel.

Having to courage to say something could begin to mend the relationship. However, there is always the chance that there will be no change and trust us, you’ll be better off without them


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