17 Situations From People’s Lives That Show How Short Moments Can Feel Like an Eternity

Have you ever noticed that time runs faster while we do pleasant things? Scientists have proved that it’s true: time moves more slowly when we’re frustrated or annoyed and speeds up when we’re happy. Reddit users know this from their own experience which they’ve generously shared with the entire Internet.

Get ready to read about the longest 5 minutes in these people’s lives.

  • Waiting for that pregnancy test result. Regardless of how you want the result to sway. © MakeitSilver
  • I used to be a firefighter and once heard, “My kid is still in there!” He wasn’t. He was hiding in the bushes next door, a bit frightened, but completely fine. I think that took a few years off my life. © rman342
  • Watching sex scenes with parents. I’m an adult now and it still makes me uncomfortable. © Ineedatoilet

17 Situations From People’s Lives That Show How Short Moments Can Feel Like an Eternity

  • My wife had a seizure during labour. They couldn’t find the baby’s heartbeat afterwards and rushed to give an emergency C-section. Everything stabilized but it was scary and seemed to go on forever. 4 years later everyone is happy and healthy. © TheManRW86
  • Sang a song in front of a line of 300 people without a monitor so I couldn’t hear myself but I just knew I was off-key. © OprahNoodlemantra
  • I did a bungee jump in Switzerland. The jump itself was amazing, but as I bounced up and down, the bungee cord kind of corkscrewed around my legs a couple of times. The cord was giving the impression that it was all that was holding me up. The operators were shouting at me to remove my ankle from the twisted cord, but I was scared to death. All in all, I found the courage to unwrap my ankle and everything was fine. © stabmeinthehat

17 Situations From People’s Lives That Show How Short Moments Can Feel Like an Eternity

  • Watching my crush walk away after I told her how I felt. Then she came back about 5 minutes later and just quietly told me she didn’t want to speak with me anymore. © Alendite
  • On the way to a toilet trying to hold back a destructive digestive issue in a public place. © brownleatherchair8
  • I’m a police dispatch officer and I had a 6-year-old girl call in on the emergency number and the first thing she said was, “There are men here and they are hurting daddy.” The time it took for the first unit to arrive at the scene were the longest minutes of my life. We were lucky we had units nearby. © ostman1337
  • The whole 5 minutes on a treadmill. © Decallion

17 Situations From People’s Lives That Show How Short Moments Can Feel Like an Eternity

  • The last 5 minutes of ultrasound on your abdomen, when forced to do so with a full bladder. Especially when I realized I got my appointment wrong and showed up an hour earlier! I have, in all my 30 years, never had to visit the restroom so badly! © ParanoiaHime
  • Waiting to clock out from work. © 832 points
  • When I was a kid, my mom told me to wait in line at the supermarket and then she went to go get some more things. The lady in front of me began unloading her (not heavily packed) shopping cart. She had almost finished loading and was about ready to pay when my mother finally reappeared. Those were simultaneously the longest, shortest, and most terrifying 5 minutes of my life. © beerbellybegone

17 Situations From People’s Lives That Show How Short Moments Can Feel Like an Eternity

  • Being a kid and waiting for my mom to finish talking to her friends. © HBCD215
  • I recently had very frightening sleep paralysis, it probably just lasted for a few minutes but it felt like ages. © earlson
  • Every time my dad begins a story I’ve heard 100 times. © metyuadem
  • My son was silent when he was born. The doctor gave me a serious look, handed me the scissors to cut the umbilical cord, and then rushed my son to a table on the other side of the room. I moved to the head of the bed to tell my wife what a great job she did. I honestly have no idea how long it took to hear him cry, but those seconds or minutes were the longest in my life. He turned 20 last month. © ToddlerWithComplxToy

Tell us about the longest 5 minutes in your life!

Source: Bright Side

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