This December Dierr Only God Oh! This Is How Ghanaians Are Reacting To The Whole World’s Decision To Come Party In Ghana This December

Unless you are living under a rock, EVERYONE knows the WHOLE WORLD is coming to Ghana this December.

Last year people from the diaspora who came to Ghana had mad fun and started hinting at coming to Ghana again.

We knew they would but we didn’t expect this Tsunami of “I’m coming to Ghana this December!”

Already, some well-known celebrities from all over the world, especially the USA have expressed interest in coming to Ghana and some have even come already

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We aren’t sure what the hype is all about but Ghanaians are starting to get worried! Are we even ready???

Cos look ooo even Nigerians are planning to come to Ghana in December!

So much so that they are hoping their traffic situation will be better!

And as for the people in the diaspora…they haven’t heard our problems kraa ooo!!

They are doing all they can to make it to Ghana in December!

They aren’t joking ooo!!!

But we the hosts dierr… no one is listening to our cry for help!





But there’s money to be had right?? Hustle ooo!!


Who else thinks after all the complaints, we still go jam???

So there it is…

This December, you either survive or be survived cos it’s going to be messy on these Accra streets!!

Stay woke and save cos it’s we naaa that we will have to make these Diasporans enjoy!!

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