Listen, Joey B Is The King Of Hooks!! These Songs Are Every Single Reason Why We Think So


Call it hook, call it chorus but  JoeyB is one of God’s greatest gifts to the Ghanaian music industry.

Argue with your reflection if you disagree cos Joey B is mad talented and he’s a great rapper as much as he is at coming up with the catchiest and waviest hooks EVER!!

Whether it’s his own song or he’s a feature on someone’s song, he’s consistent with the flawless deliveries!

These are our favourite Joey B hooks of all time!!

La Familia 

This song featured Kwesi Arthur and Kwesi Arthur and they spoil there but y’all know everyone’s bouncing to that “gang gang”


Sometimes kraa we forget that he sang the chorus on this cos…Darkovibes dey there right??


This song erh, Joey B’s hook made the song what it is let’s not lie!! What a guy!!!


Joey B spoil there with his verse and went ahead to destroy the chorus like the badass that he is! No one can take over his spot on his own song wati!!

Greetings From Abroad

This is definitely one of the waviest verses Joey B has done!


This song was a vibe and Joey B and E.L were some dynamic duo!!

American Passport

This song on the B.A.R Mixtape was dope and of course we know Joey did what he does on the regular…he spoil there and..have we mentioned that E.L and Joey B together is pure flames??

Baby Mama

Again, Sarkodie put Joey B on a song and he wiped the song clean with his amazing self! Too much sauce! Definitely the missing ingredient to every song!


We know Pappy Kojo and Joey B dierr deadly combo! Pappy made a song and Joey B did what he does best: sprinkle greatness all over it!

Joey B’s catchy and lit choruses and hooks 100% go viral every single time and that’s why he is the KING of Hooks.

We crowned him y’all!

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