Let’s Bost Your Mind. Check Out The Weirdest Diets In History!

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Everyone wants to look good and you cannot do anything about that. What is wrong is when you compare yourself to society’s idea of what is beautiful and go on weird and crazy diets just to fit in.

We aren’t against losing weight if you think you have to. What we are against is trying to fit in just because it seems everyone is a particular size.

In the eagerness for fast results, people got creative with their nutrition. Check out some of the weirdest diets people have gone on just to lose weight. Let’s warn you. You go shock.

Tapeworm Diet

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Yup!! You read right! People in the 20th Century were weird Charley. During that time, tapeworms were sold in pill form for diet purposes: Eat more and lose weight. What they didn’t think about was the fact that tapeworms can grow to 25 feet long and started causing seizures, meningitis or dementia.

Cotton Ball Diet

Want to feel full without actually eating anything? The cotton ball diet is for you. Just dip cotton balls in orange juice or water then swallow them like actual food. They have zero calories, no fat and carb-free! Doing this however leads to some pretty scary, not to mention gross, digestive problems.


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This diet requires you to eat only when you’re extremely hungry. No other time… not when you’re anxious, happy or depressed. Additionally, each bit must be chewed roughly 30 times or until it liquifies, after which it can be swallowed and followed by a sip of water.

Breatharian Diet

Breatharianism is the theory that food and water are not essential for survival in this world, that one can live off of sunlight.

Vision Diet

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The colour blue is supposed to suppress appetite. So if you want to eat less, wear blue glasses. Everywhere. Just think of your life as one long 3D movie.

Lmao! Which one do you think you can do?

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